C4S develops superior equipment, process and product solutions for the Textile and Hygiene Industry. Our equipment manufacturing customers will succeed by providing breakthrough technology to their customers, our hygiene product manufacturing customers will be able to offer better products at competitive costs.



C4S focuses on new to the world solutions. We do not aim at providing “me-too” alternatives for existing solutions, but cover white areas with exclusive, patentable, breakthrough technologies*.



-       We focus on weaknesses of currently available products and/or manufacturing technologies and develop superior alternatives.

-       We offer our proprietary technologies (*) on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis to our customers – typically under bi-lateral confidentiality conditions to protect customers’ needs as well as C4S’ know-how.

-       We cooperate with leading Technical Universities and equipment suppliers.



Henceforth, we can deliver to our customers**

- licensing agreements for product and process / equipment solutions

- solutions tailored and adapted to the specific needs of our customers

- process design layout integrating our equipment into the customers’ plants

- equipment design packages **

- ready to run process modules **




*   you can see a listing of patent application publications under the contact-button
** in cooperation with universities and equipment manufacturers