What are matters, for which C4S may be able to offer an unconventional solution?




-        you want to produce a new to the world diaper or adult incontinence article that does not leak

-        you want to produce a low cost boxer short

-        you look for a new way to produce long johns

-        you want to produce high performance feminine hygiene articles

-        you want to reduce complexity and size of your hygiene article production lines

-        you want to produce different sizes of articles on one line without major size change effort

-        you want to simultaneously pack the output of a production line in different pack formats

-        you look for a high speed fold & wrap system

-        you want to produce a pant that does not slip down

-        you want to produce an absorbent diaper core that does not loose absorbent gelling material

-        you want to produce packages with mixed products (e.g. diaper – wipe)

There are many other challenges where our new technologies may offer the best answer.  Just contact us – we will try hard to provide the solution you’re looking for